Monday, December 17, 2007

Dirty Politics: Shame On You, Hill

The most recent mud slinging in the 2008 Presidential Race has really taken me by surprise. The defaming remarks of Senator Hillary Clinton’s now former campaign co-chairman, Bill Shaheen, will go down as one of the most blatant examples of dirty politics. Presenting Senator Obama as a drug addict in effort to thwart attention from the dwindling poll position of Clinton showed lack a class, tact, and showed the general downfall of the Clinton campaign.

As a young African-American male who generally finds great pride in the opportunity to vote and express my opinion in the political arena, this type of political under-handing gives me a sense of helplessness. The fact that so much attention is given to who has smoked a joint or what foreign affairs experience a candidate may have, diminishes the focus of making this country a better place to live. The fact that in 2007, we still struggle as a country with health care, public education, social security, and poverty shows that there is no time for the political campaigns of yester-year.

A personality contest is not what we need. We need a race that is focused on ebullient change. Clinton claims that these comments weren’t endorsed by her or her campaign and has since apologized to Obama. Yet, I feel that if the public perception of these comments weren't negative, this behavior wouldn’t have been admonished by her or her team.

Hill, thanks for making a decision that was already visible, crystal clear. Obama in 08!

- Mike


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