Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't Forget What You're Voting For

I read this on Steve Harvey’s website and found it pretty interesting:

“Last night during Wyclef's stop at New York City's Nokia Theater, special guest and Fugees bandmate Pras shared a few words with the crowd aimed at BET founder Bob Johnson's alliance with presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. "Vote for Obama - don't be a coon like [Bob] Johnson," Pras shouted as he exited the stage. Fans roared in excitement, capping a night of performances from 'Clef, Lyfe Jennings and newcomer Estelle, prodigy of singer John Legend (who was on hand to watch).”

These comments come a few days after Bob Johnson said he was “frankly insulted” by the Obama campaign tactics and the implications that Hilary and Bill Clinton would “denigrate the accomplishments of civil rights marchers,” [if Hilary is voted in]. Johnson even alluded to Obama saying in his new book that he did drugs when he was a teenager. Personally I’m indifferent on both Pras’ and Bob Johnson’s petty commentary. These are pretty harsh words from Pras, especially given that Bob Johnson has probably had more to do with Pras’ success than anybody. On the contrary Johnson’s comments were unnecessary as well. If you support Clinton, you don’t need to attempt to discredit Obama (Johnson has since apologized for his comments). This current race for democratic representation in November’s election has gone too far past politics, and has now entered the realm of racism, sexism, and personal attacks being disguised as support for a particular candidate.

Don’t vote for Hilary Clinton because she’s a woman or because Bill is her husband. Sen. Obama shouldn’t get your vote simply because he’s black. The things that separate the two democratic front-runners shouldn’t be based on gender or race relations. Who you vote for should deal with where these candidates stand on issues. What does Sen. Clinton propose to do about the budget concerns this country faces? What are Sen. Obama’s plans on foreign policy? How does either of them plan on logically ending the war in Iraq? These are the things I want to hear about when someone is encouraging me to vote for a particular candidate, but these issues get lost in a pool of malicious banter and mud-slinging. Save the schoolyard bickering for homecoming court voting, this is the presidency of the United States.

Both Clinton and Obama have established their fan base in these primaries, but this is not a popularity contest. The concerns the next president of this country will face are real and immense. The last eight years have proven more than any that we are in need of political modification. When telling people why your candidate is better than the next, tell them about that candidates campaign instead of denouncing another nominee.

Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama would both make history if either of them becomes president. She can become the first female president in the U.S., or he can become the first African-American president. If citizen’s vote based solely on the gender, race, or celebrity support that either of them possess, and not on their plans of implementation once they’re in office, then we’ll be dividing the qualifications of both candidates based on the same kind of discrimination that would have kept the two of them from being president 100 years ago.



  1. Excellent post. Look no further than the last 8 years to see the results of thoughtless and vain voting. Bush was voted in simply because he "seemed" downed to earth and likable. American face a critical crossroads in our history...a time that Thomas Payne laments, will try a man's soul. We need to vote substantially more than a person race or gender, we must decide, does this person have the intellectual capacity to lead....or simply undertstand the issues. We're not picking most likely to succed here, we're selecting the leader of the free world. Again, excellent post Ant.

  2. Kudos Ant! I have been doing my best to try and follow each presidential candidates campaign (even the Republicans). Each candidate has strong views on different issues and policies that will effect the world on the upcoming four years. I think it's a shame as well that most people can't even tell you who ELSE is on the ballot! We need to educate ourselves because while everyon is screaming "Obama", and "Clinton" is very well possible that McCain, Romney, or Giuliani (all Republicans) will be the next president of the U.S. There is a website that I learned about in my government class called Project Vote Smart. It tells you everything you need to know about each presidential hopeful, from campaign finances to issue positions.

    the link is