Thursday, January 10, 2008

Genarlow: The Rebirth

“It’s like a rebirth – a breath of fresh air,” - Genarlow Wilson

During my random daily search of the local and national news, I ran across the Atlanta Journal Constitution piece on Genarlow Wilson, the Atlanta teen who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for consensual oral sex with another minor. Wilson, now 21, was released from prison this past October after Georgia Law was changed, making this crime a misdemeanor due to the close age of both sexual participants. The article detailed how Genarlow is making a fresh, new start and beginning courses at HBCU Morehouse College next week. Wilson’s education is being sponsored by national radio and television personality, Tom Joyner and his Tom Joyner Foundation.

This story made an impression on me two years ago and has especially influenced me presently. As African-American men and women in this society, sometimes the odds are stacked against us. All it takes is one day, one hour, or even one minute of carelessness and our lives can be drastically changed or ruined forever. Genarlow fell victim to this realization. But by the Grace of God through the work of individuals dedicated to upholding justice, this man, not unlike any of us, has been given a second chance. Whether it is drinking and driving, sexual encounters, or reckless spending, we all have to take a second and think about the consequences of our actions. Every one of us has the opportunity to be apart of the most accomplished, intelligent, wealthy generation of Black people this country has ever seen. I am glad that Genarlow is getting the opportunity to join us.



  1. I like this one Mike. And I am also very inspired by the efforts of Mr. Wilson to get his life back on track. So many of us take a fall and think it's the end of the world, so they decide to just be average non-productive citizens who sit around feeling sorry for themselves waiting for a handout.

    So I too say Kudos to Genarlow. I hope he continus on his path to success.

    Thanks for the post Mike! :)

  2. Genarlow's ending is refreshing, as was Marcus Dixon's. It's about time, 'they' learned that you can't keep us down forever! Good job Mikey!