Wednesday, January 30, 2008

He Never Stood a Chance

The former North Carolina Senator has finally done what most people had been expecting and dropped out of the race for democratic representation in the ’08 presidential election. John Edwards, who came in second to Barack Obama only in the Iowa primaries, has played a distant third place in every other primary. After only receiving 4% of the vote in the Nevada primaries, losing in his hometown of South Carolina had to be the breaking point for Edwards.

On the positive side, Edwards leaves the race having arguably won most of the debates. He was also a pacesetter on the hot seat issues of education and poverty. After being the first candidate to create detailed plans for universal health care and education, the remaining candidates were forced to follow suit. His campaign was a respectful one, but this has been a two man race for quite some time. Now Clinton and Obama are on their own, however Edwards says that, “they have both pledged to me that as President of the United States they will both make poverty and economic inequality central to their presidencies.”

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