Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Sick of This Sh*t

For the last few years something has been bothering me. It started out being just a little annoying, sort of like when you tell someone you’ll call them back and then they call you before you have a chance to. Recently it has become a nuisance and it’s gotten to a point where my mind is clouded. I’m eating, I see it. I’m sleeping, I see it. It’s like I can’t go a day without seeing it and all I can do is wish to the Lord that it stops because this is seriously ruining my life. For the sake of every teacher you’ve ever had, for every slave who risked their lives sneaking books into their rooms and teaching themselves to read and write, for every inmate who left jail with a GED, stop making grammatical errors in your Facebook status!!!!

This may very well be the single most irritating part of my life. I mean I don’t get it. There is no time limit on writing your status, so slow down and consider what you’re saying. Using “ur” instead of “you’re” and “2” instead of “to” is fine. What I’m talking about is stuff like a status I saw recently which read “the truth will come out rather u want it 2 or not.” “Rather u want it 2 or not?” Is that the same as saying the truth will come out sooner “whether” than later? You see how that just didn’t make any sense? Then we all know around May and again in Dec. the entire world starts wishing people “congradulations” on their graduation. Is that a combination of the words congratulations and graduation? Who gave out the authority to combine that shit? Misspelled well wishes for someone’s graduation are actually a mockery of the hard work they put into their education, so on their behalf, thanks, I don’t appreciate it.

All I ask is that if you’re a witness to this behavior, please let that person know what they did was wrong and it will not be tolerated. For those of you that continue to do this, turn yourself in now. Maybe you’ll get probation, or asked to repeat a grade, but that’s much better than being branded an imbecile for the rest of your natural born life. For my peers who take pride in what they learned in school, as my English teacher is my witness, you can rest assured that whoever I catch doing this is going to be punished to the fullest extent of the law…I’ll see to it myself.