Monday, January 14, 2008

It's All Fun and Games 'Til Someone Gets Hurt

I’m not big into the celebrity gossip…especially with celebs I don’t really have an interest in. However, I have to make an exception this one time and talk about something that is rather disturbing to me. I’m not psychiatrist or any type of mental health professional but isn’t it painfully obvious that tabloid darling Britney Spears is a danger to herself and should be on some kind of suicide watch?

Am I the only one who thinks they [the media] should really leave her alone ASAP? It seems to me that the constant cameras and the onslaught of negative media surrounding her personal life are the things sending her over the edge. I know she provides a good cover story for tabloid magazines and a few excellent pictures for gossip sites and bloggers to drool over, but she seriously needs personal help, not unconstructive backlash.

The media somehow feels it has a backstage pass into the personal lives of celebrities and thinks it can exploit everything that these people do. There’s a saying that goes “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” Well I think Ms. Spears is way too close to hurting someone [namely herself] for the media to keep poking fun at her. Just as Anna Nicole Smith was harassed until and even after she died, things are once again going too far with this obsession over someone else’s personal life. Spears has lost the right to see her son’s (temporarily for now), and the ongoing custody battle is not in her favor. This is not a joking matter. Imagine losing the right to see your children because you aren't deemed a good enough parent.

Then at the MTV Awards she had the infamous opening performance, which became a lead in for late night talk show hosts and comedians everywhere. Personally I never saw the full performance (I'm not a fan of MTV), but I've seen clips and pictures and she didn't even look that bad. Her performance was awkward because not too many people knew the song at that time, not because she sounded bad. She sounded no worse than most of the artists who do more singing than dancing in a live performance. Her outfit was a little risqué, but she didn't look fat at all. How many women do you know can have two kids born within a year of one another, and still look like she did? I've seen plenty of less attractive bodies than that.

I’m not the biggest fan of her music, but she’s probably the biggest solo artist we’ve seen since Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna and to see her career and personal life go from prominent to disturbing, is nothing to be made light of. We tend to forget that people with unfathomable wealth are still people and the line between what’s personal and private gets crossed far too often. The line that leads into the private sector of a celebrities’ personal life, can sometimes be more delicate than we assume. Britney Spears, in my opinion should be watched daily, not because her career is at an all time low, but because her potential to do harm to herself is at its highest.


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