Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MTB4 Recap: Episode 1

It's a safe bet that most of young America was watching MTV last night at 10 pm. In case you have been under a rock, last night was the premiere of the next installment of the Making the Band franchise. Highlighted as the "ultimate" season, this year we get to watch the Danity Kane girls, MTB guys, and the lone soloist Donnie compete in the simultaneous completion of albums for the Bad Boy empire.

I will be running down the antics each week on the blog, due in part to a mild addiction to Diddy's semi-abusive comments and a love for all things reality t.v. So to begin, I have come to the realization that Diddy aspires to be the black Dick Clark! Keeping his hands in all things entertainment based, Puff knows what it takes to sell, market and capitalize on ANYTHING. Sidebar: I will not be referring to either group as a "band." That term should be reserved for musicians i.e. people who play instruments! Lol.

The girls of DK returned this season with some new swag (especially Dawn and Shannon) and seemingly, more vocally confident. In this episode, Aubrey was checked by Puff for being the"wild child" of DK, but she gets my props for standing her ground to the boss. 'Ol girl has some balls. The guys spent the majority of the episode not knowing how to interact with the ladies. I guess the realm of celebrity doesn't take overnight.

After a weekend of partying, the guys and girls hit the studio with different production teams at Daddy's House studios. I didn't really agree with the girls having to do the "trial" song, as the guys had to complete. They have proven themselves and sold 1 million records, in an era where that task has become virtually impossible as a new artist. But, hey that's Diddy for you. Puff put his foot in the guys ass for "over-singing." In reality, the recording process is a learning experience and on their first song as a new group, there is going to be a steep learning curve. I am sure the guys will get more comfortable in studio procedure and protocol. Detroit shout-out to the guys producer in this scene, Mike Winans. Google him if you aren't up on the Winans.

All in all, a pretty good premier episode. I will be looking forward to plenty hook-ups, mishaps, and Diddy quotables this season.

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  1. You are giving Aubrey too much credit! You know she is f'in Puffy! He wouldn't have let her jump stupid like she did if they weren't gettin' it in! LOL!!!!