Friday, January 18, 2008

Public Service Annoucement

So when we created this blog, we wanted it to be a place where Ant & I could sound off on any random thing that we value or despise. The time has come for me to speak on a random instance that has begun to irritate me to no end. Being a product of Gen Y, I am on Facebook and Myspace most of my non-nocturnal hours of the day. In doing so, a few months ago a trend began to surface in my female peer photo albums. Upon initial discover, I thought I was witness to the act of facial spasm or random display of child-like nature, but in actuality, I was witnessing an epidemic. This plague began to spread to the photo albums of every young lady I knew. I remained quiet in spite of this outbreak, but I will be silent no longer. I hereby denounce the flagrant and excessive use of the female-cultural phenomenon of “The Kissey Face”.

LOL. I hate when I am perusing a Facebook album and I am bombarded with 20 self-portraits, all with pursed lips inches from the Cybershot screen.

Why? What is the significance of this “face”? Why is it so prevalent? Will it ever end?

If you are one of the young women in question who can’t help but pucker up at the shudder of a digital camera, take this post as your personal invitation and motivation to fight the temptation and merely smile. We here at the Ant & Mike Show are starting a campaign of our own this year: VOTE NO ON “THE KISSEY FACE” IN ‘08.

That is all.



  1. LMAO! The Cybershot screen? You tryin' to pinpoint somebody, homie?! Can't be me cause I smile in most of my pix! You are such a For a minute, I thought you were going to talk about the other thing we are not in favor of for 2008. . .

  2. lololololol!! I need to go through my 401 + photos and count the number of Kissey Face photos I have, to make sure your not singling me out! lol

  3. I am indeed guilty of a few kissey faces! lol I can appreciate the constructive criticism. I will try my hardest, just for you just...SMILE! :) lol