Friday, January 11, 2008

Do You Love Each Other Enough To Wait?

Disclaimer: This is not meant to disrespect anyone, nor am I specifying one particular instance when I speak on this extremely sensitive topic. If you feel in anyway upset at something said in this post, please accept my apology in advance, but these are just my thoughts and in no way are they meant to affect anyone personally. That being said…

Why is the entire “under the age of 25” world getting married? What the hell is the obsession with giving your entire life away to someone before you’ve had a chance to live it? Oh my goodness if I see one more wedding album, engagement ring, or the word fiancĂ© associated with anyone in my age bracket I’m going to commit suicide twice!!

The institution of marriage is something sacred. If you want to wear a nice dress take your little brother to prom. You shouldn’t have a wedding just because you haven’t seen a lot of friends in a while. This is you pledging before God, to honor one person for the rest of your life. If you’re fresh out of school and without a job, I don’t think you’re ready to be somebody’s husband or wife. What do you have to offer someone else when you haven’t even figured out what you can do for yourself?

I need people to realize that this goes far beyond one day. Start asking yourself, do I want a wedding or a marriage? There is a BIG DAMN DIFFERENCE. My parents have been together since the 4th Grade and even they took the time to date other people before they got married. I feel like a lot of folks are jumping into engagements and marriages because their relationship is at a standstill, and they need something refreshing to happen. You want to do something new, save it for the bedroom, not the wedding chapel.

I can ramble on about this for weeks because it’s such a popular trend right now. There's a new instance to talk about everyday. My point is, most people don’t find true love their whole lives let alone by their early 20’s, and if you have found it by then, it’s hard as hell to hold onto. However, those who have been together for a while may start to feel like they’ve done everything in the relationship, so marriage is the only next step. Marriage is NOT the only option. If you feel like you’ve been together too long, take a break and see what the world looks like outside of your relationship. Don’t be afraid to give each other some space. If you’re really meant to be, and you’re comfortable in your relationship, then what’s the rush. Take some time to get to know that person more. Take time to get to know yourself. Atleast take time to get your credit right before you mess up someone elses.

To put it simply: If you’re engaged or married, between the ages of 20-25, and you’re actively on Facebook, YOU WEREN’T READY!!! Stop changing profile pics and go be somebody’s husband or wife. Engaged/Married people on Facebook are like that old dude at the club…trying to hang on to their youth, unsure about the choices they made when they had it, and looking extremely foolish trying to relive it. You’re married now, time to grow up...


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  1. I was just talkin with a friend of mine about people my age geting married. It's nice to know that i'm not the only one who feels that there is something extremely wierd about the subject. I mean don't get me wrong, to each his own...if people wanna get married, do your thing. BUT, because the institution of marriage is supposed to be something sacred and TILL DEATH do you part...why not wait until your a little closer to death eh? I know it sounds bitter, but it really isn't. I can barely keep one around for 2 months, let alone the REST OF MY DAMN LIFE! Most people my age can't even decide (or agree) on what restaurant to eat at...let alone what man/woman u want 2 look at forever.

    COme on Ant, I need u to post something that I don't agree with...we need some heavy debating goin on! lol