Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap Up: NFL Playoff Edition...Hold Ya Head Peyton!

So Sunday was an absolutely devastating day for me in the world of football. As far as this season goes, Peyton Manning is no more. In a shocker, the Indianapolis Colts went down at home to a solid San Diego Chargers team, 28-24, ending my hopes for another classic Colts vs. Pats AFC Championship game. The defending champion Colts had plenty of opportunities down the stretch to regain and hold the lead, but their defense, led by Defensive Player of the Year Bob Sanders, didn’t stop San Diego early enough. With Ladanian Tomlinson and Philip Rivers sidelined during the game with injuries, the Colts defense should have handled the backups no problem. Instead, backup QB Billy Volek led a Chargers drive downfield like he was an All Pro.

Even with this random turn of events, Peyton and the Colts offense still had a couple of chances in to regain the lead, but couldn’t seize it. Dungy had the Colts go for it on 4th down in the red zone and the pass was high and out of reach. The defense gave Peyton one more chance to work magic. With under two-minutes left, Peyton tried to engineer another classic Manning comeback drive. However the magic was gone. The Colts went four and out, including a pass to Reggie Wayne that would’ve been a first down had he not gotten popped and lost the ball.

San Diego should feel pretty good about itself having won eight straight going into New England next weekend. However they did get blown out 38-14 back in week 2 by the Pats. Since my favorite player, Peyton Manning is not in this game, I really don’t care about the outcome (bitter…yep!).

Next Game: AFC Championship, San Diego vs. New England, Sunday 3:00pm ET

Now onto a game I really didn’t watch (still in a daze about the Colts game), but the outcome was still a stunner. The New York Giants beat the NFC’s best team Sunday, as the Cowboys lost 21-17. Amid all the drama surrounding quarterback Tony Romo and his Mexican getaway with Jessica Simpson, everybody wondered how the ‘Boys would respond. Well with an ok game from Romo (201 yards on 18 for 36 passing and a TD), and a sub-par game from the “100%” Terrell Owens (4 catches for 49 yards and a TD), we got our answer.

Meanwhile the most shocking thing to me is that Eli Manning is still in the playoffs. Eli (or Peyton’s little brother) is finally starting to make a name for himself in the postseason. Though he only threw for a measly 163 yards and two touchdowns, the biggest number is zero, as in interceptions. Eli kept the ball out of the hands of the Cowboys defense and did just enough to preserve the win.

Even bigger news is that TO CRIED during his post-game interview when answering questions about Romo. Owens said, "You can point the finger at him, you can talk about the vacation, and if you do that, it's really unfair. That's my teammate. ... We lost as a team." Now that’s a different Owens than we’ve known over the years. He has a heart, now all he needs is a ring.

Next Game: NFC Championship, New York vs. Green Bay, Sunday 6:30pm ET


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