Monday, January 28, 2008



For those that don't know - whatupdoe is a phrase from my hometown, Detroit. It is synonymous with whatsup, hello, or what's good. If you are from the D, you probably use it in your everyday vocab, lol.

Well, a former classmate of mine (whatup Justin) has started a new streetwear collection entitled "whatupdoe". The synopsis on the line is that it " was created by two individuals that needed to fill an ever growing void - a void in the local streetwear scene for clothing that represents who they are and where they come from. Thus came the idea to create a clothing line called "whatupdoe." a phrase that can be commonly heard only here within the Metro-Detroit community. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago have already put their stamp in the streetwear culture, it's time to put the D on the map (WADUPDOE,2008).

I love this concept and being an avid Detroit supporter, I had to put the line on the blog. Check out theirmyspace and blogspot . Cop their limited edition shirt at:

Burn Rubber
202 West 4th St.
Royal Oak, MI 48067


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