Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kobe (Owner of Basketball) VS. Shaq = Crack

Attn: All Birds
Subject: Phone Calls

Don’t Call Me After 9pm ET…I’ll be tuned into ESPN

How does the NBA follow up one of the most exciting All-Star Weekends in recent history? Two words…KOBE & SHAQ.

Tonight the Lakers play the Suns, in a game that already featured a rivalry because these two teams have seen each other in the first round of the last two playoffs. Now there’s even more fuel added to the fire because Shaq is a Sun and the beef between him and Kobe stems pretty far. Kobe’s playing with a torn-ligament in his finger and Shaq is returning from a hip injury so we’ll see how well the two of them perform. If you watch basketball, then you know this isn’t one to miss.


1 comment:

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