Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MTB4: Episode 3

This week the adventures of Diddy's recruits were mainly focused in the studio. This episode was just okay, nothing special to watch. The guys, girls and Donnie had to present their current work to Diddy. Out of the 3, Diddy was only feeling the girl's song. Personally, I wasn't really impressed with anybody's work. Puff challenged the girls and guys to battle each other in creating a hit song to the same beat in 48 hours. Both teams went in and created to a frantic uptempo track. After presenting the songs to their A&R, Conrad Dimanche, both Day 26 and Danity Kane were hit with the notice that Diddy wasn't feeling either song. I felt the guys and girls did a good job with what I deemed a wack beat. It takes a hit track to make a hit song in most instances. Once again, Diddy was lowkey on the episode. I am looking forward to next week when everybody travels to MIA to record. Hopefully we get to see them work with some big-time producers (Who the hell is Battle Roy?).

Random Questions:

Is it just me or is Dawn fine as hell this year?

How could she be feelin a weak dude like Q?

Is Aubrey coming off like a dope fiend?



  1. I had to comment on this one. The answers to your questions are as follows:

    1. Dawn DEFINITELY stepped her game up, that 2-tone hair wasn't a good look for her. She also has a pretty dope style as far as fashion

    2. Q looks like a platypus, but hey, cabin fever?

    3. Aubrey is the next Britney Spears. I said it first, so you can quote me when it all falls down

    P.S. Your blog is awesome!

  2. Blood!!!!!! I will note your britney spears reference and thanks for the support.

    "Why try? You gonna die I pull up in the drop with the pistol cocked when I pop, I'm wavin bye..." LOL

    Dipset Bird Gang Blood Family.

  3. Blood in the building...

    Dawn looks good as F...jet black hair can get you 10 points everyday.

    I said Britney spears was suicidal way before the media caught on, so I'm definitely gonna make sure you get your credit pending Aubrey's breakdown.

    "From the back of the cop ride, the black on black, black when we cop rides. I will not hide, hi ma hot thighs, dick on her nose now she's cockeyed...da da doe"

    Dipset BirdGang Blood Fam...early

  4. Whats good in ATL. And hello Jen, Penthouse Boiler Makers for life!

    Okay...I will give Dawn some props she did up it this season. FYI all the niggas in the boy band are wack as "F" but I like every song they have been trying to make so I'll bootleg the CD for sure.

    Whats up with the D.Woods and "unrepresentative bitchassness nigga from Detroit" hooking up or something like that. He's faggot material.

    D.Woods is my favorite DK member but the hair/racoon tail is not a good look.


    I hate to say it...but its something about Q...he has charm?! i dunno! Or as camille's mom says..."he has sex appeal"...i guess? I dont kno but it is something about him!


    Aubrey is holding that group down...she's the only one with personality...although i agree with blood (jen) she will break down soon! out!

  6. Everybody is checking fa Dawns ass! I guess when u once looked liked a fuckin strung out pony then any thing will look good....but she does look better! Q is wack as hell!!!! And jenn it is definitely cabin fever! And to Rachel...honey Q is wack as fuck!!!!! Aubrey is a slore bag so whatever she does never surprises me!