Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MTB4: Episode 4 (Aubrella)

Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey. What a Clown! Monday night's installment of Making The Band was a full-out platform for the antics of "pretty, pretty Aubrey". This episode revolved around the courtship of Donnie and Aubrey, and a short courtship it was. D and A grabbed a bite to eat, chopped it up about the pleasantries of newfound stardom and called it an early night. Early enough that Donnie decided to get up with the fellas and go out on a pseudo-date with some non-celeb chicks. For some reason, Mike, Willy, and Qwanell were invited on the romp, despite there not being enough ladies to go around. Thus Q gets on the phone with his "boo", Dawn, and invites her and Aubrey out to the spot. Next scene, Aubrey clownin' Donnie. Next scene, Donnie hoe'n Q like a pimp on 7 mile and a random Brian getting a couple spitfire remarks in on Q as well. So once I was able to stop laughing at all this commotion, I realized that my assessment of Q as "weak" is the last episode recap was remiss. He is weak as f#ck!!!! Donnie would have gotten bodyslamed trying to go hard on me. Despite his "bitchassness", Q did provide a quotable - "I know what you not gonna do, you not gonna put your hands on me!" LOL.

Once Q had been thoroughly chewed out, both guys and girls picked up their things and were shipped to MIA to record the albums. Diddy pimped their life with a crib fir for "Cribs". Once settled, Aubrey continued with her theatrics and pulled Donnie to the side to check him on the inappropriateness of his actions and the fact that she is not "regular". I felt Aubrey on the act of dropping her off and immediately going to get up with another chick being disrespectful, but it honestly has nothing to do with her being a celeb. But once again, I have to say this girl has some balls to say some of the things she does with a straight face. Props to Donnie for standing his ground. Didn't know he had it in him. Next week will delve into the recording of the albums and the struggle between A&R/Labels and Artists. Should be interesting.

Random Questions:

1) Is Shannon still on the show? She is invisible.

2) Doesn’t D.Woods look like chicken-rat with this hood ass haircut?

3) For all the Detroiters, Doesn’t Robert rep Detroit TERRIBLY? - too much bitchassness?



  1. Mike, Mike, Mike, Robert is definitely a poor representation of Detroit men! But he is a great one for the east side! LOL! It really irks me that everybody that is from Detroit on a reality show is wack as fuck! Except Deelishis cuz her weave was tight....lol! Robert is super wack I mean there is no other word to describe him. If he wasnt from Detroit, I may have a little mercy on him. I wish somebody would snatch his ass off that show and de-jitterbug his ass. Thanks. And by the way......Shannon has always been the invisible woman...she is boring and married, so what can she do? And D Woods needs to escape to Detroit so they both can hit up the barber/beauty salon! They both need help from a Detroit expert like myself!

  2. First off...Joi i doubt your credibility after you wore that fanned out bang on ur Birthday and it sweated out to a poof ball! LMAO...I got pictures to prove it! Furthermore, ditto on the fact that Robert & Q are was as he{{...Shannon is a waste of space on the show (with the exception of the one prop Diddy gave her last episode)...Aubrey is a clown a$$ broad for her shananigans she pulled on Donnie. Who gives a F? He is not her man and she had no place in checking him. It was totally innocent and if it wasn't it still has nothing to do with her...Also, she was tacky as F for clowning the random broad that Donnie was with by saying she wasn't cute! she was average...just like she is without all the makeup and Diddy-ness! And she was really wack for saying she isn't "regular" and shouldn't be treated "regular" because she thinks she's a star and how does she think that makes her fans feel that are "regular"? What if Donnie's homegirl was a fan of Dannity Kane...not anymore!

  3. It's like this here, Q is sucka stroking real tough and in doing so, he's forgotten all sorts of codes cuz birds be brainwashing you feel me. All he had to do was break out of the restaurant and go get Dawn and get some major points for leaving his boys to hang with her. Instead he made a hoe move as most light skinned people tend to do...Shannon might be random but her voice is definitely pop and real talk that red hair could get her hollered at early...back when i liked D-Woods the rest of the world (mike and miro mainly) said i was nuts. Now that she rocking this Davy Crockett racoon hat hairstyle, I have to say she's underbossing majorly and I'm so disappointed...Robert sports a Scurl (S-curl for u lames), and that's where he stands in my book

  4. Well I guess Joi's niggas are better representations of Detroit men...ha!LOL! F you for saying somebody boring and married! I agree D Woods need to come to Detroit and get that taken care of. "Hair Wars" hairstyles are only for a particular hair show, not everyday wear. Robert look like one of them men that be on the box of s-curls, wackness. But low key they need to get back to the Robert and D Woods thing. They definitely don't make a cute couple but its better entertainment. Like Puff said...you gotta get naked with it. He probably want robert for himself.

  5. I just want to take a brief moment to address the shots taken at me.....first of all Radie Ray, dont ever call me out on a drunken birthday night. I was clearly Detroit's finest on all levels when I started the night off.....who knew it was gonnna be banged out and hot as fuck! Secondly, Millie Mille dont ever try to clown any nigga I ever fucked wit! They all are if you ask, me better reps for the D than Robert's ass!!! And anybody who calls you at 9:30pm and gets a groggy "hello" knows that the married statement applies to you as well. The highlights of your day consists of yoga, work, and fowarding emails! So if that aint boring I dont know what it is. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and have a blessed day saints!

  6. I can definitely see the Marvin Winans Academy is rubbing off on you SAINT!