Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MTB4 Recap: Episode 2 (Bitchassness)

So on this week’s episode of Making The Band 4, hook-ups and egos were on front stage. Robert (Detroit representative) was a major focal point due to the fact that he was struggling with finding his place in the group and grappling with a growing affinity for Danity Kane’s D.woods. A heated argument between the guys and Robert put him on the hot seat with Diddy. So what’s my take? Robert definitely is inflicted by the “bitchassness” that Diddy so cleverly coined. This dude completely thought he was in the driver seat going into this season/project and I think it was a harsh reality for him to see that he is one of five. Sidenote: I do think Willy and Brian are jealous of Rob though. They was hatin’ like two Republicans at a Barack Obama rally.

On the hook-up side of the episode: I think that the Rob/D.Woods match-up is scripted for TV, but Q/Dawn may be the real thing. Was it just me or was Diddy absent on this episode? Come on Puff, we need your rants and quotes to get us through the workweek! Thanks for “bitchassness” though. Also, isn’t Donnie turning into a forgotten character? I thought that signing with Bad Boy might have been a bad move for him since they have no expertise in his type of projects. We will just have to wait and see.

Next week’s preview showed Conrad Dimanche, A&R over both the Girls and Guys projects delivering some bad news to the groups and saying he is “going to pray” for them. I will be in front of the TV next Monday (10 p.m., MTV) to see what he was talking about.

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  1. First of all, Willie and Brian were actin' like straight bitches!!! They had a little more "bitchassness" in them than Rob to me. For the simple fact that they threw Robert under the bus in front of Puff! I think they should have waited until they talked alone as a group to talk to him and then if they didn't get the right response then they should have went to Puff!!! That was wrong.
    Also, the Rob and D. Woods thing is wack! They both may find themselves doing something when they both have a thirsty moment. Rob acted like a typical Detroit male acts when he is embarrassed!!

  2. D Woods was acting real yampy talking bout Rob aint have enough dough to get at her. When Did she get Puff bread? She might not be starving but she damn sure shouldn't be clowning another dude for trying to eat...she tricky. Willie and Brian got earrings in the top of they ear which lets me know they a lil catty. They should've hollered at Rob before the meeting with Puff, but they was all whispering and snickering while he was recording like some girls. Putting dude on blast in front of the boss aint street legal. Joi what up blood!

  3. I'm up this B*tch now!!!...I agree with "Thug Calhoun" aka Joi... Willie and Brian definitely have more "bitchassness" in them than Rob...they were REALLY wack for the way they came at my manz! lol..however...Rob is Super WACK as a whole!! Especially getting Diddy's cheesecake with a mink on...I mean come more Detroit can you get?! And D. Woods is keepin' it real...Rob tried to go hard on her ("you aint all that")...and then you expect her to want you...Hell 2 da naw!