Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MTB4 Recap: Episode 4

Thank You, Diddy. Thank You.

On this week’s installment of MTB4, Diddy was back at the forefront and provided me with his normal cocky banter. From the way he highlighted Q’s “bitchassness” to his standoff with Aubrella, Diddy is a one funny mutha… This week focused on the hardcore studio element of creating an album in just a few weeks. Diddy brings in the calvary of elite producers and songwriters, including, Bryan Michael Cox, The Clutch, and Seven to name a few. Sidenote: I guess the new model of the music industry is let’s give you the shortest window possible to record and album, yet expect the quality of months of work. Did they not learn anything from Beyonce and that two-week piece of fluff “B-Day” album? O well!

Girls, Guys and Donnie, each enter their respective studios and the Guys strike gold with B.Cox at the helm. The Girls on the other hand, disagree with the direction the album is taking and protest the song submissions. Once again, Aubrey mouths off (this time to A&R's Conrad Dimanche and Slam)but gets rather meek with the other ladies in front of Diddy. But in a twist, Diddy actually apologizes to the girls for the lack in direction and adheres to their wishes for an international pop record. Throw in an unnecessary Den Mother segment, a scripted food-fight, and a random drunk-walk from Robert and that is this week’s episode in a nutshell. Next week’s show is set to detail the budding relationship of Dawn and Q (wack bitchass!) and some sort of breakdown in Dawn’s world. Wonder what she is all upset about? It better not be Q!

Random MTB4 Questions:
1) In the words of my homie Britt, “Doesn’t D.Woods look like Davey Crockett?”

2) Don’t you think Diddy wants his very own “Den Momma”?

3) What the f#ck is Donnie on the show for? They never show him record any music and I really don't see him blowing up on the charts.


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  1. All I know is...I want the "BITCHASSNESS" SHIRT THAT DIDDY WORE ON THE LAST EPISODE (3.10.08)