Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They Scrappin!!!

Barack just put about five slaps to Hilary’s campaign over the last few days. In addition to stealing her base of women voters by nabbing nearly 60% in Maryland and Virginia, he just took the lead in the number of delegate votes. Obama had always led in pledged delegates, but until now, Clinton’s number of superdelegate votes had kept her ahead of Barack. After taking his first total delegate lead, Obama’s campaign manager went on to say that it was “next to impossible” for Clinton to gain the Democratic nomination. Obama also had the black vote locked up crucially getting nearly 90% in the Maryland and Virginia primaries.

The two are only separated by 25 delegate votes with primaries in Ohio and Texas coming up, so Obama hasn’t won anything yet. It looks like it’s going to come down to the superdelegate vote to determine the democratic nominee. Superdelegates are free to vote regardless of primary and caucus results, meaning they don’t have to vote for whoever is leading in pledged delegate votes. What also makes the superdelegate vote so critical is that they have the right to change their vote.

To learn more about superdelegates and their role in the democratic nomination, turn on CNN tonight at 8pm ET and watch CNN Election Center


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