Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For the Sake of Fashion....The Update!!!

Maybe when I said I’d scrap the first person I saw with these Fila’s on, I didn’t make myself clear. I will scrap anyone I see with these on and that includes the average joe on the streets and the famous (or semi-famous) person. This leads me into my latest beef. Robert and Willie of Day 26 (MTB4) better be ready to knuckle up when they see me cuz it’s on. Maybe you didn’t catch it so let me recap: THESE CLOWNS WORE THE FILA FAKE PRADA ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!!

Ok not that anybody in the band is the next Puff when it comes to fashion, but certain stuff just should not happen. Fake shoes? Fake Shoes?? FAKE SHOES??? I was expecting if I saw somebody with these on, I’d be in the mall or maybe at the club. But no, there I was in the comfort of my own home when I saw Robert and Willie trying to learn a dance routine in them disrespectful ass Filas. Then I had people try to tell me that those weren’t the Filas, they were the Pradas. The cameraman must have been talking to the same people I was talking to, because a few minutes later he zoomed in on Roberts shoes like he was trying to say “I told you they were the Filas!”

I am a Making the Band fan and I thought if I ever saw Robert we could talk about Detroit, or maybe I could give him some pointers on haircut options (the Scurl aint quite working). I thought if I ever saw Willie, we could talk about having him take that earring out the top of his ear if he wants to save his manhood at all. Now when I see these two, one better hold my arms and the other better hit me cuz if they don’t, I’m gonna have to smack the hell out of both of them...for the sake of fashion.



  1. lmmfao!! you are silly! I knew you were gonna post this! Since we're on the topic of "day 26"....WHAT THE HELL KINDA NAME IS THAT???? I have a lot of beef with them...why do all of them sound like some B*tches? The octive in their voices is a little to high for comfort....

  2. i'm so happy y'all finally updated!!!...heaven forbid i actually have to pay attention in class because i don't have anything worthwhile to read on the internet!!

  3. First of all, alari...comment on the post, not about ur excitment over their updates! Thanks, LOL! And second, I totally agree with the post! How can Puff....a self-proclaimed fashion guru, allow them to wear that bullshit! They are a group full of clowns fa that shit! They be wearing all that damn jewelry and got the nerve to wear them hurricane chris shoes? I'm lost...

  4. But what's even more disrespectful is Robert rockin' them Filas as a so-called DETROITER. How dare he?

  5. Good entry. Thanks for the read...and the laugh. I guess Willbert needs to get it together...lol.

  6. Ant,

    This was too funny...I could not stop laughing. You are a straight fool for this one. But clearly, somebody does need to slap them. I think Robert must be from Pontiac... LOL!