Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rockwell Told Yall About Facebook!!

“I always feel like, somebody’s watching me…and I have no Privacy”

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook...they’ve managed to find another way to keep my use of the website limited. For anybody who thought they were safe when they blocked their pictures and limited their profiles, they were wrong. Last week there was a security lapse that basically allowed strangers, non-friends and non-members to check out people’s profiles. The security issues came AFTER Facebook did an upgrade and added protection for members to restrict their profiles. Well some computer technician from Canada said F your upgrade and breached the new security measures. He alerted the Associated Press and told them to try it themselves so they did and they confirmed it.

Facebook has since fixed the bug (allegedly) that allowed this computer tech dude and the AP to look into random profiles to see what they could find. However, I’m not impressed or comforted. I know plenty of people who have no pictures or they block everything from everybody, but this just goes to show that anything man made is vulnerable. If it’s on the internet, it can be seen, period. Think it’s a game if you want to...the Associated Press even took a look at one of Mark Zuckerberg’s private photo albums. Nobody’s safe. Make sure you stop doing ignorant stuff in these pictures; you never know who might be watching.

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