Monday, March 24, 2008

The Text Heard 'Round The World

Today Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Former Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty with 12 counts on Perjury, Obstruction of Justice and various other indiscretions. A sad day for Detroit. I have spoken my piece on this scandal previously, but in light of the indictment, I have one thought to offer. Kwame, What are you fighting for? Staying in office won't save you from the pending trial, embarrassment, and removal from mayoral post. You are just prolonging the inevitable and in effect, causing the city more strife. Haven't you done enough?


For more on the developments of the Mayor's scandal - check out


  1. He can't stop now! We have to see how the movie is going to end. I vote for the 'Roll Bounce' dad to play the lead when this goes into production. Gone and get that check, Chi-Chi.

  2. I have mixed opinions on this issue. However, I do not think that the man should step down from office for two reasons. One, his lawyer staff is simply going to mop the floor with the one the City hired (voted for). Two, if he did not do wrong, which I think could still be the case since all the information we receive is from the same media that has tarnished reputations of powerful Black men for decades (recent case being Reverend Wright with the edits to his speech that do a complete injustice to its totality), he should not step down (I realize that is a long sentence lol).

    Then again, as another Detroit native in Georgia, I must say, he is making us look bad right now...