Monday, April 28, 2008

Chivalry is Dead!!

I wanna fight whoever raised some of the women born between 1983-1987. They really make this dating stuff for the birds. I'm trying to figure out how in the month of April I managed to get stood up, like a billion times.

In one week alone I invited a couple of girls over, nothing major planned but the first part of dating should be getting to know somebody. It just so happens that I knew both girls anyway so this was me really just trying to chill, but neither of them made it to my apt. Why? I have no idea cuz they DIDN'T CALL!! One girl even hit me up a few days later, apologized and asked if she could come by when she got off work. Since I'm not the type to hold grudges, I said come on through, but if you're thinkin she came, you would be wrong....and sidebar; she DIDN'T CALL!!

Then I come back to Detroit for a few days and a girl I'd been getting to know lives there so I thought this would be a good break from talking on the phone like we'd been doing for the past month. She's in school so I was open to her schedule. Well one day she asks me to come to her school and see her, even told me that she'd cancel plans with her friends if I came. I told her that wasn't necessary but she insisted that I come. I get up there and call her and she let me know she was in line at the club with her girls...WTF just happened?!?!? A couple of days later she said she wanted to go out with me. Within a few hours we went from going to the movies, to the club, and to see a comedy show all as options, and we finally settled on the latter. She asked me to get dressed because the show started in about an hour. Well I'm glad I sat in my draws watching basketball because she DIDN'T CALL!!

I'm officially about to cut my phone off because apparently calling to cancel or change plans is a thing of the past. The new hip thing to do is to be rude and inconsiderate, cuz that's how you get a man. For all the women that say there are no gentleman left, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you've been the most stand up woman you can be. One girl who stood me up three different times when she was supposed to drop by my apartment, told me I was overreacting and I didn't really care whether she came by or not. The girl who didn't make any time for me when I went to Detroit, told me she thought I was a cool guy but I had a bad attitude after she stood me up. What both of these girls don't know is I'm actually a great guy with a lot to offer, and I was really digging them, all of which they would've found out had they just CALLED!!



  1. Ant ,

    I had to reply to this !
    Chivalry can be ALIVE within the right age group. It's very obvious the birth year of "83 to 87" is not working for you. May I suggest dating women with the birth year of "73 to 77" !! Ashton Kutcher can be your example to a future road of happiness !
    Good Luck Ant, & Stay Sweet as you Are !!

  2. Ha, I feel you. I like the comment by the one girl... "I didn't really care whether she came by or not." I've had that pulled on me before. She don't realize that there is a million other things you could be doing, except waiting on her.... Man I think these 80's chicks are spoiled/confused/half-way-crazy.