Sunday, April 13, 2008

One King Inspires Another


Sean Combs. Record Executive Mogul. Television Producer Extraordinaire. Noted Restaurateur. Fashion Icon.

MTV documented the development of Sean John Clothing's New York Fashion Week showing in Bryant Park (Jan. 2008) through an incredible special that not only gave insight into Comb's fashion initiatives, but his personal life. I must admit, I never felt like Puff was that involved in Sean John clothing. I figured that he dropped in on a couple meetings, rejected a few logos, and "diddy-bopped" to his next priority. Watching the documentary and witnessing Combs meticulous attention to every detail of fabric, cut and logistics, I gained an understanding of why Puff is #1 at everything he touches.

True passion. Only true passion will fuel 18-hour days and marathon planning and execution meetings. Only true passion will drive one to demand the very best at all costs. Only true passion could position one man to be the leader in so many varied fields.

Puff has inspired me to "go hard" daily towards the goals I have for myself.

If you didn't get a chance to check out the special, watch the entire special at MTV Overdrive

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