Monday, April 14, 2008

They Need They Ass Beat...

If you haven't heard about it by now, eight teens in Florida were recently charged in the videotaped beating of one of their classmates. With charges ranging from kidnapping to battery, these kids face life sentences for the incident. Six girls and two boys (who acted as look-outs), recorded the act because they wanted to put the video on YouTube. The kids were arrested and most had posted bond. One of the girls who couldn't afford it got some help from Dr. Phil.

Some employees from the Dr. Phil show, posted bond for Mercades Nichols, one of the girls seen on the tape. I would've let that little girl sit in jail all damn year. They have the thing videotaped!! The evidence shows that a girl got jumped 6 vs. 1, and people from the Dr. Phil show are showing compassion and empathy for these tacky ass kids? A spokeswoman for Dr. Phil said that in the past, the show has helped out potential guests, who needed it, but in this case, "certain staff members went beyond our guidelines." Since the bond was posted, the spokeswoman said any ideas to have the kids on the show have been dropped.

Dr. Phil is a tacky dude, but his show sunk to a new low with this one. I've seen people get their bond set excessively high just so they couldn't afford to get out (enter Jena 6), and yet most of these yamps posted bond before they got through with the booking process. Then when there's one who couldn't afford to get out and who may have had to deal with the agony of sitting in a cell for a while and thinking about what she'd done, here comes money hungry Dr. Phil to the rescue. They face life sentences, but if the justice system is as sympathetic as the Dr. Phil show, they'll be out in a year.