Monday, May 19, 2008

The Blackout

Last night culminated another incredible season of the CW's highest rated sitcom, The Game. The episode revolved around Derwin vying to win back Melanie, Tasha's budding romance with Rick Fox, the demise of Jason and Kelly's marriage and the new union of Malik and Robin Givens. On the heels of a stellar season closer, The CW has announced its fall lineup and has delivered a paralyzing blow to The Game and the only other black comedy on the network, Everybody Hates Chris. Both shows will be moved from their Sunday night time slots to Friday nights (i.e. the proverbial sitcom graveyard) in the fall.

So, its come to this. The day when, in addition to there not being more than a handful of black television shows on the air to begin with, the black shows that are on the networks are being blatantly sabotaged! Such is the case with mini-network, The CW. Not only were All Of Us and Girlfriends abruptly pulled form the air with no completion and no forewarning, but now the only two black sitcoms that remain are being set up for failure in the upcoming new season. Yet, shows such as Gossip Girl, with significantly lower ratings, are keeping their timeslot and garnering more advertising and non-traditional marketing opportunities. I've said in previous posts that we need our black networks to step up and provide more black original programming, but I think the time has come for our voice, the viewers, to be heard at these mainstream networks. If you are a fan of The Game, Everybody Hates Chris or just think that there needs to be a dialogue about the lack in black programming, I am calling you to action! Let's start with the CW. Here is the contact info for the key programming executive at the network. Let's open our mouths and be heard.

Mr. Michael Roberts
Executive Vice President, Current Programming - The CW Network

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