Sunday, May 11, 2008

Keeping Up With The Huxtables

At the Ant & Mike Show, We love to highlight people in the blog-world who are doing their thing. We don't hate because we know there is enough room for all of us to have our very own lane. That being said check out Keeping Up with the Huxtables ( It is a cool blog by a fellow Detroiter.

Sidenote: A "Different World" is now on weeknights on BET! Am I the only one who loves that show more than the "Cosby Show"?



  1. No, u are not alone....I love different world too! I was so geeked the other day when it was on! That made me sound like a lame ass! LOL!

  2. No Joi, you really are a lame a$$...and watching Different World has nothing to do with it :) Love Ya!

  3. lol...yall are funny...but lowkey..A Different World made me want to go to an HBCU...