Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"The Mike Jordan of the Mic Recordin..."

If you think you're watching ESPN around 8:00pm, and then you see Jay-Z, you're not watching the wrong channel. Hov will be sitting right there on ESPN suited up an representing the New Jersey Nets at tonight's NBA Draft Lottery.

No other minority owner is as closely connected to his team as Shawn Corey is (I've hardly ever seen Nelly at a Bobcats game or Usher at a Cleveland game). No other entertainer will be representing any of the 14 teams in the lottery either (once again no Nelly no Usher). Jay is once again setting a precedent and showing the world why he (and Puff) are so far ahead of the game it's not even fair.

Sitting alongside some of your favorite basketball players, some management members and right next to NBA Legend, Larry Bird, will be a man who at one time didn't seem like he would belong there. Nevertheless, Jay-Z is showing the world the different between a "business man and a busi-ness maaan."

When asked about the opportunity to represent the Nets, Jay said, "This is very exciting and I hope my nickname Lucky Lefty holds up." He's a half a billionaire and he's with Beyonce...how much luckier can this guy get.