Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Public Service Announcement

This message is written specifically to graduates, especially recent graduates.

As I take my daily glance at Facebook, I have been bombarded with glaring mistakes that not only put a bad light on the perpetrator, but on the institution where they received their degree. This mishap has affected many recent grads and surprisingly, most do not recognize that they are in error. Please take heed to the critical information shared below. Do not find yourself guilty of this crime.

* “alumnus” (male singular)
* “alumni” (male + female plural)
* “alumna” (female singular)
* “alumnae” (female plural)
* "alum" (male or female singular)

Please take notice of this announcement and govern yourself accordingly.

Good Evening.



  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL this takes me back to a wall-to-wall between Ant and myself last year. It's sad. So very sad. And, yes, it is an epidemic in the Black community, right along with "Congrads."

  2. LOL. People definitely need to read this.