Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Question of the day????

On Monday jury selection began in the R. Kelly Trial. I've been reading updates trying to see if anything major has happened, and one article was kind of thought provoking. It was talking about how the prosecutors are trying to make sure they select a jury of people who aren't "fans of his music," so there is no bias.

At first I thought that this was a good method to keep this trial on an even keel. Then I asked myself, can it really be done? Think about how many times Michael Jackson has been acquitted of child sex related charges. I'm sure those prosecutors were hard pressed finding jurors who weren't fans of the King of Pop, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be hard to find jurors, in Chicago, who aren't fans of the King of R&B (minus the Double Up album).

So my question is: Can a fan, or even someone familiar with R. Kelly's work, make a good juror?

Bonus Question: Who's brave enough to tell me this aint him on the tape?


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