Wednesday, May 7, 2008

R.Kelly Starring As Goldfinger...

R.Kelly's new video for "HairBraider" - I actually like this song, despite the wack concept.



  1. Yeah I kinda like the song too. I am not looking forward to seeing any of our young brothers in public with RED weave braided into their hair now.... lol

  2. yeah the red in the braids was too much but its R. Kelly so we gonna let him pass...but you know i'm a fan of R. i'm liking the song....sidenote: What is going on with his trial?

  3. I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Okay plain and simple..I love the song! No other man has put out more hits in my opinion... Every song is just as good as the last if not better.

    I gotta agree though, what was he thinking with the red in the braids??