Wednesday, May 21, 2008

(singing) Pleeeasse don't go, Pleeeease don't go

After reading Facebook status after Facebook status, and all the wall-to-wall conversations I could stand, I’m left with one burning question: HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO MIAMI!?!?!? I’m not a fan of text and instant messenger abbreviations, but OMMFG. I mean it’s like people only know of two states; the one they live in currently and Miami. Expand your horizons please! God forbid Miami disappears because where would my people go for fun in the sun? There’s no sun in L.A. or Las Vegas and no beaches in any of the other cities in Florida. Nope it just gets hot in Miami.

Here are 4 simple solutions to this problem:
1) If you have to go to Miami for spring break, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Black Bike Week, then choose ONE. Nobody who lives in Miami wants to see you five times a year.

2) If you have graduated from college, please, oh lord please, stay yo tacky ass away from a Miami spring break. This is worse than being the graduate who still hangs at school. Grown ups don’t have spring break, we have vacation time. Don’t use all of yours trying to look cool for the kids.

3) If you are in college and you’ve gone to Miami once, maybe twice during your years in school, then STOP RIGHT THERE! You wouldn’t want to spend every spring break at home, so stop wasting them all in Miami.

4) Isn’t a break/vacation supposed to be to get away from everybody that you see on a daily basis? So does it make any sense to go to Miami when everyone you know is going to be there?

Miami is a beautiful city, but if you’re going to go, then why not go during a normal weekend? Then you’ll allow yourself the pleasure of seeing the beauty of Miami. The local people of Miami are much more refreshing than that girl you went to school with who you obviously don’t want to hang with because both of you are still in Detroit yet you don’t go out together. The beaches are more beautiful when you’re able to look at the sands and not be stuck staring at how good your ex looks in a swimsuit because they worked out for a month before break.

If I wrote this too late and you’re already packed to go to Miami for Memorial Day then I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. But if this saves just one soul from having the same experience they’ve had four other times, then my job is done. To all Miami addicts, do me a favor, pick up a map, learn about the other cities that the rest of the world vacations in and come Labor Day, you better not have yo ass in Miami...or I'll know exactly where to find you!!




  2. You hit this right on the head.. I mean, for the past 3 months, thats all I have been seeing on status updates "thinking about Miami", or "stacking up my bread for Miami". Lets just hope you have your job when you come back so you can start "stacking" for your next trip to... oh yea... MIAMI!Let it go people.. Be original.... Thank s for posting this because it needed to be said...

  3. You are a bonafide idiot! LOL! I actually just came back from Miami, and I think I understand why people go when they know that its going to be packed wit niggas...its so they wont end up like me and be there on lesbo/gay pride weekend! LOL!!! But really, some people go to be seen and what better time to go than this weekend! But u will never catch ya girl down there this weekend after all the horror stories I have heard about all the niggerish activity that goes down. No thanks!

  4. Im going to go because thats my city.. I like it.. now I dont mind going 2 or three times a year.. I see it as a opportunity to get away.. when most folks go other places they dont put it in there status.. most times folks put miami in there status becuase it relates and in the urban college community the more often you can get to miami the higher your status.. but that just explains another argument of the mindset of folks in college at that age.. but I want to many times have you been?? Have you truly expierence miami, outside of the south beach and bs?? but I feel you brother piece and knowledge.

  5. ...the more often you can get to miami the higher your status..." LOL...that is so not true.

    Anyway, a certain person comes to mind with this blog entry...I'm sure you and Mikey both know who I'm talkin bout. Just let it go, boo...let it go! Step up your game and hit Naples or Fort Lauderdale. LOL

  6. I say shit I like miami I go when I want and how I want. I can go 1 million times. I guess its my vice. I go other places but miami is what it is. So I suggest yall get with the party life and TK lol