Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take 'em to Church...

Just when the Miami Heat started to suck majorly, Dwayne Heat did something else to make you like him (besides the T-Mobile commercial…shout outs to Chuck). The young NBA star took some of his money and invested it in a church. No, this isn’t Wade just trying to be a better Christian; it’s him being a great son. The church he bought is for his mother, Pastor Jolinda Wade. She isn’t your typical pastor though, at one point she barely made enough time for her children let alone God.

Admittedly, Jolinda Wade owes everything she has to God and a family who encouraged her to be better even when she gave them every reason not to believe in her. She is a former prison inmate and drug addict. Through all of her trials though, her children remained a close knit unit and they could only pray that she stayed alive long enough for her to see them become something. Seven years ago, one of her daughters took her to church, and afterward Jolinda Wade began a journey toward a better life. She got help for her battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Soon after she turned herself into police to serve some time for a conviction she’d avoided. She was finally trying to do what God and her children had pleaded to her for so long.

Jolinda Wade’s first ministry came while she was incarcerated. She continued to preach and when she got out, she led a ministry of around 50 people. As her congregation grew so did her faith and she began looking into buying a larger facility to hold her services in. She’d applied for a loan in January of this year, to get a building that would maintain her much larger following. In April however, Dwayne Wade bought the building for his mother as a surprise gift to her. They fixed it up and began services this past Sunday at the Temple of Praise on the South Side of Chicago.

Having grown up with a father who was incarcerated and who battled addictions of his own, I understand the type of strength that it took for the Wade family to stay faithful amidst trying times. That same faith led my father to be the man that he has become and it led Jolinda Wade from wayward addict, to Pastor of many. What Dwayne Wade did for his mother was a small gesture in comparison to what she did for herself. He said of his mother, “Everybody thinks I’m the miraculous story in the family. I think she is. I think what I’ve done means I’ve been very blessed, but she’s been more than blessed. She’s been anointed.”



  1. Wow, this is a beautiful story. D. Wade's quote is quite profound. He's right too. Wow. God Bless their church!