Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Has To Stop

"...You think our lives are cheap - And easy to be wasted" - Lauryn Hill - "I Find It Hard To Say (Rebel)"

Race in America - A Non-Issue???

That’s what the Philadelphia Mayor and Police Commissioner would have us believe in regards to the recent brutal police beatings of three restrained African-American males. Dawayne Dyches, 24; Brian Hall, 23; and Pete Hopkins, 19; were dragged from their vehicle after a pursuit by Philly PD and beat by over a dozen officers. Two of these brothas were struck close to 20 times!!! Despite this blatant showing of brutality (that was caught on video, might I add), the African-American Mayor and Commissioner had the audacity to say that they feel this was a "police conduct issue." To that I say, BULLSHIT!

How many times will the police have their way in our communities? How many times will we have to bury young brothas at the hands of our supposed "law enforcement"? How many times will we have to concede on this issue?

Today also marked another noted development in the aftermath of the Sean bell Tragedy. Sean Bell, 23, was gunned down by a barrage of over 50 bullets from the guns of NYPD, hours before his wedding. Hundreds of outraged protestors took to the streets today in New York City staging acts of "Civil Disobedience." Congregations appeared outside of city official buildings and at one point blocked the Brooklyn Bridge. Al Sharpton was one of many protestors arrested today, including Bell's fiance, Nicole Paultre Bell, being cited for "disorderly conduct". Minutes before his arrest, Sharpton offered, "In the spirit and teaching of Dr. King, we come to nonviolently say it's come to this point, and we raise it to this level of attention and ask the federal government to step in." Many demonstrators said that these disturbances will continue until the federal government looks into the acquittal of three detectives involved in the shooting, late last month.

50 bullets??? No gun was drawn by Sean or his friends. 50??? How are we to believe that was just.

Its hard to believe that the year is 2008. And many say the Civil Rights movement is over. It may have just begun.


Check out the video below of Lauryn performing "Rebel" on her Unplugged special - It definitely reflects the sentiments of what is going on today.

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