Sunday, June 1, 2008

Be Careful Who You Trust, Ladies

Action 2 News in Atlanta is reporting that a man posing as a doctor fooled Piedmont Hospital, as well as his own wife. Eric Perteet told his wife, Tammi, that a painful past had taken him away from his profession as a doctor when they first began dating, Yet, shortly after they were married, he told her that he was returning to the ER. Once Eric returned to practicing medicine, Tammi dropped Eric off at the hospital each morning. He would call her multiple times during the day, telling her about his day. Well, last week, Tammi called the hospital when she hadn't heard from her husband that day and to her surprise, the hospital informed her that no Dr. Perteet worked there. Perteet went on to call the cell that Eric stated was only for emergencies and the woman who answered stated, "Are you talking about the guy that had this cell phone? He was arrested last night for impersonating a doctor."

Come on ladies! You have to do a background check on these dudes. Tammi dated and married a lunatic and she didn't even know until last week. Don't get caught up in a foolish situation like this. Put these on your mandatory checklist:

*Take a look at the guy's I.D. - You don't know who he is, until you see what the State I.D. says.
*Visit the home of any man you are dating. If he doesn't let you come over - "Houston, we have a problem."
*Call/Visit their job - not early on, but eventually you need to know if they are living like "Tommy" off "Martin".

- MiKe


  1. i know this guy. he told us a sad story about how his wife which no one including his parents ever met, had been raped and murdered in a parking lot. Sad. i even a ttendede a memorial service for his son who suddenly took ill and died. his parents, alive and well, were there too but had never met this child either. thats because Poor thing never even existed. but before we knew that, his second son came down with the same mysterious illness but had a surprising turn around. by this time i had too many conflicting stories about him, lies about his age, another wife- who really DID exist. he'd told different of my friends he'd had a master's degree, worked construction, taught truck driving, worked a light pole, had been a public speaker, and worked accounting. He stole sympathy, about $6000+ from friends and possibly, a young lady's virtue- his YOUNG naive former fiancee, all the while dating a friend of hers across town and making overtures toward and eyeing , with his one good eye, another friend right under her nose. He got money from ComEd under false pretenses as well, having been paid while on bereavement leave for his fake dead son. he came loaded with fake papers as well. He's a good con artist, he even fooled a friend who had known him and his family when Perteet was a child- perteet took this friends Jaguar and totalled it. I'd been wondering what happened to the Jag. I say good riddance to BAD BAD TRASH.