Monday, June 23, 2008

For My Detroiters...

I started thinking about back in the day when, every year a bunch of us would go downtown Detroit on a warm night in late June. All the finest women would be down there acting more stuck up than ever. Their hair would start out freshly done at the beginning of the night, and then it was sweated out by the time things were over. All the dudes would be downtown too; some with real Cartier glasses, most with the fake ones. Every guy would try to look smooth to the ladies, but try to mug all the other dudes. Nevertheless it was always a good time

It was a reunion of sorts. About a month or so out of school, you got to see folks you probably wouldn’t see again until August. You got a chance to get on that girl you liked in school, because apparently you were cuter or had more swag than you did all school year. Here was your chance to show off what you bought with that summer job money. This was your opportunity to drive an older, more wealthy, family members' car or truck (with the risk of getting it broken into), and stunt like it was yours (but no one ever saw you in it again when school started back up).

Hell it was even a chance to get some exercise in, because you were guaranteed to run a few blocks when a fight broke out. The last time I went, I cut the back of both my ankles running from a stampede, hopping over a fallen bicyclist and dodging a cop all while wearing a pair of Mauri’s (gator dress shoes and sneakers for you out of towners). My friend got her Carties snatched while thinking she was too cute to speak to anybody. A dude who lived down the street from me punched a girl who started abrasively clowning his gear when he asked her how she was doing. From the late great Coleman Young, to a faithful Kwame, Anita Baker and Tommy Hearns, everybody who was anybody could be spotted there.

These were the times. So I ask you...who’s going to the Fireworks????



  1. I know I'm late but you are super stupid for this!

  2. im even more late! and ant is clownin! The fireworks used to be reckless as F! and southfield had to cock block this yr like they do every year and put their fireworks on the same day as hopes that the "niggas" would choose the detroit fireworks over theirs...and all the dumb a$$e$ that believed detroit "closed down all the freeways and routes to downtown detroit" ended up goin to southfield bcuz of it!