Friday, June 13, 2008

"Not Guilty But I'm Filthy..."

So the Porn King of R&B got acquitted of all charges in the child pornography case. Personally I'm not surprised one bit. Back in 2002 when they dropped all his charges in Florida, I felt like the Chicago charges wouldn't hold up. There are so many technicalities when you're prosecuting someone, and based on a grainy video and some so so character witnesses, there was too much room left for reasonable doubt.

I will say R. got away with one though, because nobody on this planet can tell me that he wasn't on that tape. We can sit this one right up there with the O.J. case as one the system got wrong (hell even O.J. wasn't on video). Maybe now that he isn't trying to rush and do music before he goes to jail, he can take his time and make a good cd.



  1. This news is heart breaking !!
    This system is unjust !!
    He will strike again, I'm sure !
    Let's see how filthy he will be serving time with brotha's who haven't touched a woman in 10 to 20 years ! LOL

  2. Man it is sick how The Boodocks first season had a show about this years before he really got aquitted.... Niggas love R Kelly. lol

  3. On, the referred to him as the "Pied Pedo" :oP