Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Dope or Nope" : Musiq - Radio

A new Musiq Soulchild record, "Radio", has surfaced and it very different from the neo-soul style that we have come to know and expect from Musiq. Let me know if you think this is Dope or a Nope!

Radio - Musiq



  1. Man I am a diehard Musiq fan, from Aijuswanaseing to SoulStar... so I am defnitly partial to Musiqs' "old" style. But I do like this, even though the beat threw me off at first. Its good for music when artists temporarily step outside of the box. I would be disapointed if his whole cd is on some weird ish like this tho.

  2. Nope!

    What is this ? No Mo Neo?
    I almost starting doing the A-Town Stump!!(A Dance originated in ATL)

    I'm all for creativity and taken things to the next level but not this !

  3. DOPE

    "Don't front, you know you love it!!!!"

    This takes me back to a certain movie: "Don't ever touch a black man's radio boy!!!!!!!" LOL

    Again I say...DOPE! I see you Musiq :)