Friday, July 25, 2008

Who Tuned In?

Did anyone watch the CNN: Black In America series? If you did, what was your reaction to it? I read a pretty interesting article by Karen Hunter, and she gives her perspective. However, her take on the series is not about whether or not she liked it, it is about whether or not the show reached its intended audience. She makes some valid points, that make you question who this show really influenced.

Please read Karen Hunter's article and let me know if you agree with her or not, and what your thoughts on the series were.



  1. First things First...I enjoyed the Black in America special on CNN...It shed more light on alot of the problems that face our black communities...However, while watching the two episodes i asked myself "Who is watching this?...and like Karen...i assumed the people that needed to see it...did not...however it encouraged me a black college grad to continue to do strive to make myself a better i hope that it inspired, energized, or encouraged all those that viewed it...and gives us some clues as to how to get this message out to the one that need it most...

  2. I think she was dead on. I think that the target is not being hit if you interpret the target as being the people it depicts. She's dead on if you believe that education of the position of a people only serves to bring them down. She's on.

    She isn't however, thinking about the actual target of CNN. The target audience of Anglo-Saxon Republics and the minority of well off minorities. THIS is the target and THIS is who needs to see this stuff because they have the money and the connections we'd need to help make the change happen. We're all in this together. Change has to occur on a large scale to work.