Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Misadventures of a Mayor: KWAME STEP DOWN

This guy just won't stop! In addition to the text-message scandal perjury charges that are still pending, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has now been accussed of felonious assault on a Wayne county deputy. Kilpatrick is accused of physically removing the deputy from his sister's porch on the westside of Detroit, after the deputy inqured about a pending warrant for one of Kilpatrick's associates. Under Michigan law, a person assaulting or obstructing an officer "or duly authorized person" trying to serve court papers could face a felony with a maximum 2-year prison term and/or a $2,000 fine. Michigan State Police are investigating the incident. Judge Ronals Giles spared the Mayor jail time in the initial hearing, but did require him to bost bond ($7500), restricted his travel and has now required the Mayor to submit to random drug testing!

When is enough, enough? When will the embarassment stop? I can go on and on about what this is doing to the Detroit economy and most importantly, the people of the city, but I won't. All I will say is - Kwame, you have dug your hole deeper than even you can dig out. Leave our city out of it. KWAME STEP DOWN.


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