Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quit Playing Games

Alright so Mike and I go to this grocery store just about every day to grab something during lunch. There is a bank branch inside the grocery store, and randomly one of the tellers just started waving at me. At first I thought she made a mistake because I definitely didn't know her. To my surprise, she waved again the next day...and the next...and the next.

She waved every time I came in the store. Sometimes she added a smile, other times, a wink. In my head, I'm thinking, she's cute, but more importantly she seems nice and approachable (two qualities a lot of women lack...especially the cute ones). One day I decided to go speak to her. I walked up, we chit-chatted for a few, and she pops her number through the bank window. Just like that...I didn't even ask for it. No games, no b/s (so I thought).

So when I call her she picked up and does the "girl from the club" routine. That means she started asking stuff like: "Anthony? Anthony who? Where do I know you from? Who you be with? What were you wearing?" Editors Note: Unless you were slobbery drunk when you gave out your number, don't ask a man all these questions. YOU REMEMBER HIM! Get over yourself. After we figured out who I was, she told me she was at work and would call me later. But I never heard from her. I saw her at work a couple more times, and she told me yet again, she's gonna call me. And I never heard from her

Ladies, if a guy doesn't ask for your number, and you don't really want him to call you in the first place, here's a hint: Don't give him your number! Why waste your time and more importantly why waste mine? I'm bout to sign up for e-Harmony. At least on there, they know what they want from jump.



  1. Quit playing Games! Are you kidding??
    You men, young and old play more games than the NBA & NFL combined!
    You men don't know what you want and you're easily sidetracked by the next big butt and a smile!
    You get a girl number and don't call and if you do call you're trying to find a way to hit quickly.
    No dates, No dinner, No dancing, JUST THE JUMP OFF! Maybe you should try a computer love (real talk)
    Good luck because I'm done playing games and being played!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that sounds like a personal problem...Ms. Lady...maybe you are the jump-off material...hence why you get played...