Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rotten Apples

Anybody that knows me, knows I am NOT a Steve Jobs fan. Not because he doesn't make a hell of a computer, but because people treat him as if he's a God and he willingly feeds into the role of a cult leader. Well I might not be the only person who has a problem with him or his products. The iPhone 3G was released on July 11th and some consumers are not happy.

After spending hours, and even days waiting in line, the anticipation of getting the phone was quickly deflated when people found out that the phones didn't work. Well sort of. The server for the iPhone 3G was experiencing a "global problem" that didn't allow the phone to be activated in the stores. Instead, consumers were being instructed to complete the last step for activation on their home computer if they want to use their phone. [Editors note: Some people reported that when they performed the final step at home, the phone only allowed them to make emergency calls and remained unusable.]

If you had the first iPhone and you thought that you could simply buy the updated software, you were in for a treat as well. Those who installed the software were surprised to find that after installation, their phone no longer worked. It was shut down and officially reactivated through iTunes. The problem was, when the phone came back to life, it was completely void of any previous information stored in it.

The cultish environment surrounding Apple products will remain, but hopefully people realize that this is still technology. Just because the computer's rarely get viruses, doesn't mean that they won't just stop working after a couple of years (ask Mike about his iPod). Just because you're good at building computers, doesn't make you a genius at creating cell phones. Hopefully this is an ego check for the sect-leader, Steve Jobs, and a vanity check for the "cool kids," who have to be the first, with the latest in everything. PHONE CHECK FOOL!


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  1. I swear to goodness, I was mad when my ipod quit on me. I got my ipod back in 2002 and recently it stopped working with my computer. I refuse to purchase another because that one whould work just fine.