Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's Beef?

For my Michigan and Ohio folks. I'm a little late on posting this because I got busy, but if you haven't already been to the spital (hospital), then this still applies. Kroger did a RECALL on June 26th, for all ground beef products bought between May 21-June 8 of this year. The beef may contain E. coli bacteria.

As of June 26th, 16 cases in Michigan had been reported compared to 19 in Ohio (Toledo and Columbus areas). 14 people have already been hospitalized. Kroger is providing full refunds to anybody who is concerned that they bought some of the contaminated meat.

NOTE: As of now, I live in Atlanta, and therefore remain unaffected by this news. I will be having burgers and beef franks on the 4th!



  1. The owner of this blog has a strong personality because it reflects to the blog that he/she made.

  2. As co-writer on the blog, I'm hoping that's a good thing. But, I appreciate you reading it, regardless. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Ant, you know how it feels when you eat food that is contaminated...why would you risk that again?!?!?!

    While we're talking about recalls, make sure you leave the jalapenos and salsa alone for awhile. The Feds are saying that maybe it wasn't the tomatoes making folks sick after all...shame. They wasted all that money/produce!