Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Update: Hillary Bows Out Graciously

Former Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made a prolific showing at the 2008 Democratic National Convention tonight. Clinton made it painfully clear that she wants her supporters to direct their efforts and votes to the Barack Obama campaign. She poised the question of whether her supporters were rallying simply behind her or behind the initiatives and core values of Democrats everywhere. She referenced Obama more than 10 times in her speech and spoke to the true issues of this election (healthcare, jobs, education, and green initiatives). I commend Hillary on a job well done and to be honest, I think that this speech has placed her in the same place that Barack stood four years ago, that of unification and visionary. So, who knows what Hillary may be able to accomplish four years from now.

Sidenote: If I hear one more FOOL say that they are such a staunch supporter of Hillary that they can't bring themselves to vote for Barack - I will literally throw up. Realize that this election is bigger than the candidates. This is about a sway of power and a rededication to american ideals. Please WAKE UP.


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