Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do You Trust The Spray-On Condom???

A German sexual-health educator has created a spray-on condom!! That's right, a condom that you spray on. The desire to create such a product, came from him having a problem finding condoms that fit him properly. He designed a plastic tube that sprays liquid latex from all sides, kind of like the water jets at a car wash. The idea behind it is that you get the perfect fit every time, which makes the condom safer, more effective and gives it a natural feel.

The only set back has been that the liquid latex takes too long to dry. As of now it takes three minutes, thus ruining the entire mood! The condoms won't go on the market until the designer can get the drying time down to 5-10 seconds. To learn more click here

Question: Would you try the spray-on condom??



  1. I don't trust the latex let alone a spray LOL!

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