Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't Be Too Proud

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina became one of the most devastating natural disasters this country has ever experienced. It's damages ruined one of America's most vibrant cities, in New Orleans. People along the Gulf Coast lost homes, family members, jobs and worldly possessions, but none of them lost their pride. Some never evacuated, some came back after the storm cleared. The love and respect for a city with so much history and tradition was too much to let a hurricane force them out.

Now we're in hurricane season again. Hurricane Gustav is on course to slam into the Gulf Coast. Some have begun to evacuate already, while others are patiently waiting to see what happens. No one could predict the impact that Katrina would have in 2005, but here we are three years later with ample time for preparation. Everyone saw the government's reaction. Everyone knows how minimal the relief efforts were. Everyone knows that the only people we can depend on is ourselves. Don't let your pride make you foolish enough to stick around.

To all my people in New Orleans, please take heed to the early warnings and evacuate the city. At best, the damages will be small and you'll have a home to return to, but even in a worst case scenario, you'll have given yourself a chance at survival. Be safe, Be aware, Be out!



  1. "It's damages ruined one of America's most vibrant cities, in New Orleans." <------ I disagree with that statement. NO was not ruined, just damaged. Kind of like a your heart after a bad relationship. However if you ever visit the city you can see the progress it has made. I'm not trying to split hairs but ruined has such a permanent connotation and that is just simply not the case.

  2. Southern Belle:

    Your comment is completely valid. We appreciate your input. We love NO and just want our people to be safe.