Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Want Your Kids? Move to Nebraska!!

The new "safe haven" law in Nebraska has just opened up a whole new level of bad parenting. The law permits parents to abandon their children at hospitals, no questions asked, up until the child is 19 YEARS OLD!! That means that if a parent is tired of their baby crying, sick of arguing with their hormonal teenager, or even frustrated from raising a child with a disability, they can drop them off at the spital (hospital) and pull off.

The intention of the law was to give parents another option of what to do with their child before problems turn into an abusive situation. However, the law has several flaws. Some other states have "safe haven" laws, but they are usually for newborns whose parent's decided they couldn't raise them. Nebraska makes it so even a 19 year old still at home with his parents can get taken right to Sinai Grace or Emory Hospital and left in the waiting room. Also, the Nebraska law does not specify who is allowed to surrender custody of the child. So if you're pissing off your babysitter, she can drop you off at the spital too.

What do you think of the Nebraska's safe haven law? To read more click here


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