Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Gas Pump Pause

We all are fed up with the gas pump. Well, some Americans aren't taking it anymore. CNN reports that individuals are taking fuel matters into their own hands and converting their vehicles to elecctric! Two area Atlanta drivers were profiled for making the expensive ($12,000) transition to electric. Larry Horsley justified the conversion by stating, "If I can keep a dollar from going overseas, I'll spend two dollars." In terms of money kept in his pocket, Horsley has seen a savings of $700 over the four months since transforming his car. The process is acheived by ditching the gas-guzzling engines we all rely on and replacing them with zero-emission electric motors.

I think the idea of conversion is novel. Electric cars are better for the environment, but the reality is the process of conversion is crazy expensive and the parts and service are hard to secure.

Save yourself the trouble and get a Hybrid. My personal favorite is the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid.



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  3. Interesting blog. I am STILL waiting for the fling car, and hoping it will be green. I am wont to have failed hopes ...

  4. EricaHughes, Chevy employeeAugust 15, 2008 at 1:27 PM

    Also, Chevrolet currently engineering an electric car that goes up to 40 miles on electric power. It release date in sometime in 2010. In the mean time Chevy currently has the Malibu Hybird and Tahoe Hybrid, *Silverado Hybrid coming soon!* visit for more info!!!!

    BTW the auto industry is really emerging with new technologies!