Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Supporters Needed:

Editors Note: Mike touched on this in his previous post, but after reading Hillary Clinton's DNC speech and seeing this video clip, I felt compelled to reiterate in my own words.

Meet Texas delegate Anne Price Mills. She is a Hillary Clinton supporter, and she, like other Clinton supporters, has an imperative choice to make. She has to decide whether her alliance and loyalty to Hillary Clinton is stronger than her alliance to her nation. In her speech, Hillary said, "...the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. We are on the same team, and none of us can sit on the sidelines." The fact that Price Mills and others like her are even considering sitting this election out, scares me for the possibility it opens up.

To think that not voting for either Sen. McCain or Sen. Obama is somehow an appropriate display of allegiance to Sen. Clinton, is both politically inept, and hazardous to every other citizen in this country. In my opinion, anyone who sits at home on election day might as well go out and cast a vote for John McCain. Barack will not win this election if it's going to be a fight against the republican party and a bitter group of unforgiving democrats.

The days of Barack vs. Hillary are over. Just because Clinton isn't his running mate, doesn't mean that they aren't still fighting for the same ideals and the same people. Not voting for Obama because your initial candidate lost, is just an inverted way of increasing McCain's chances of winning. In an election of this magnitude, Anne Price Mills and other Clinton supporters need to decide whether Hillary not getting this years nomination is worth America not getting a chance to restore the greatness it lost over the past eight years.


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  1. When I hear people saying this it makes me wonder, why in this years election is this even an issue. I mean really? I'm sure some people may have had the same sentiments in previous elections years, but not to the degree it has been shown this year. To me it proves how segregated America still is (despite this historic elections year) and takes away from what could be an astonishing and historical achievement for this country. Because although, I will say, in fairness, Hillary has more congressional experience than Obama, at the end of the day they have the same core beliefs. So in my opinion, at some point this becomes an issue of race and of sex, which goes against any democratic belief. In short, people just need to get over themselves, and realize, "It's not about YOU!"