Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Disrespect But...

I know people who were in college before I was, and they haven't left yet. Unless you're in a graduate program, or at your Alma mater's homecoming, then you need to be as far removed from your school as possible!! No disrespect to anyone, but being in school longer than five years (I'll even give you a few summer classes), is just lazy. I skipped classes, changed majors, had the lowest G.P.A. ever in the history of grades and was a bad semester away from getting kicked out of school. However, I got my life together, repeated some credits, went to summer school, picked up a minor, focused and got out in FOUR years, so miss me with the excuses.

College is a phase, and like most other phases in life it is meant to pass. Don't be the graduate who still hangs out at the school, because the people you're going up there to see are secretly clowning you and saying you don't have a life. You can't be afraid to grow up, because that's the one thing in life that is going to happen regardless of how much you fight it. Appreciate your youth but don't revel in it so much so that you forget to embrace your growth.

Let's stop spending all the federal aid, grants, scholarship money and loans that we can add up. Let's stop having our parents spend their retirement money on tuition. Let's stop wasting gas driving back and forth between home and our former school. Make your folks proud and graduate. After graduation, make yourself proud and start your life. The world changes every day, and you'll only look foolish and delusional trying to avoid it.


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