Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Thought of the Day:

Don't you hate when people on Facebook talk to their significant other in their status? Example: "John Doe is saying, thanks for making this such a great weekend bay, I love you." Example #2: "Jane Doe is really enjoying this time with her bay. Life is great."


Anybody who uses the term "bay," has the right to be broken up with.



  1. LOL! I agree. I also hate when people give TMI about their "love life" in general. Example (actual quotes BTW): "Jane Doe is heartbroken again...I'm goin to have to make him my next ex" or "Jane Doe says dont get to comfortable, if you dont love me someone else will!" WTF?! ppl just be doing too much on FB.

  2. lmao! This is sooo true! As if you wont see him/her or talk to them on the phone??? Tell the nigga to his face...not indirectly on facebook! Grow some real balls! lol...but it is funny tho!