Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's Next: WiTricity

So for all the Tech-heads out there, CNN is reporting that a new revolutionary technology is on the way that could change the way we use computers and even the way that we live. Through a research study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Intel Corporation, a dynamic new way of wirelessly transmitting energy has been discovered and is being coined, WiTricity. Imagine being able to charge your computer without plugging it up into a electrical socket ?!? More importantly, there is talk that this technology could wirelessly support pacemakers and artificial hearts.

This process is possible through the use of transmitters and receivers that can wirelessly conduct power. Scientists on the project imagine homes of the future having these transmitters built in to the walls in each room, making electrical sockets a thing of the past. Research is still being conducted and Intel has just recently become involved. The key now is to determine how to limit the amount of energy that goes into a device and also the length that the charging source can be from a transmitter and still work efficiently.

Sounds like the Jetsons to me! Can't wait for the flying car though, because I know it is coming sooner than we think! LOL


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